Laurie Douglas makes paintings and mixed media works that are about color, landscape and impressions of the natural world. Employing many layers of paint, texture and drawing, her art reinterprets organic forms through the dual lenses of imagination and memory.

Laurie is working concurrently on a series of small pieces in encaustic (pigment permanently burned into wax) and on a related group of mid-size color field paintings in oil. She is fascinated by geological and floral imagery, by farmers’ fields, ocean currents and crop circles, and by pictures of night skies and deep space. Her recent paintings, always concerned with “what lies beneath the surface,” also reflect a love for textile art. Many individual pieces make use of fabric and wallpapers in their overall design.

Most recently, Laurie’s paintings have been shown at The Greene Gallery in Guilford, Connecticut.

IMAGE: Double O, encaustic and fabric on archival board, mounted on wood, 6” x 4”, $200. From Tiny Tapestries gallery.